Local Intervention

If a complaint relates to a service-level issue, such as discourtesy or a low-level neglect of duty, it might be suitable for Local Intervention (LI).  This is a process which aims to resolve complaints such as these at local level without the need to move into a formal complaints process.  The process is not about apportioning blame; it is about addressing the issue raised and learning from what has happened.

If GSOC thinks that your complaint may be suitable for LI, we will contact you and ask you if you consent for your complaint to be dealt with in this way. If you consent, GSOC will refer the matter to a nominated Garda Inspector.  If you do not consent, your complaint will be referred for a decision to be made as to its admissibility in the normal way.

If you consent, the Inspector will then attempt to resolve the matter and address your concern.  The Inspector will contact you to let you know the outcome of the process. If you are satisfied with the outcome the complaint will be closed. If you are not satisfied, you can ask that GSOC decide whether or not your complaint is admissible and if it should be forwarded for investigation.

Please note that if GSOC decides that your complaint is admissible, we will consider the information gathered as part of the Local Intervention process and, if appropriate, may discontinue the complaint if we believe that further investigation is not necessary or reasonably practicable.


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