Our Operations

We report quarterly on:

  • Number of calls received.
  • Number of complaints received.
  • Number of complaints closed.
  • Number of referrals received from the Garda Síochána – where incidents require independent investigation, where there is a possibility that Garda conduct may have resulted in a death or serious injury.
  • Average length of time it has taken the Garda Síochána to respond to a request for information.

Up to year-end 2017 GSOC had reported these statistics on a monthly basis. A decision was made by the Commission to report quarterly from 2018 onward.

Characteristics of Complaints

We report on:

  • The most common types of allegations in complaints received.
  • The most common contexts of complaint.
  • Number of complaints we were unable to deal with and reasons why.
  • How long it took to complete each type of case that quarter.

We report annually on:

  • The geographic distribution of complaints around Ireland.

Data for the latest time period available can be viewed by clicking on each of the categories on the right hand side, while data for previous time periods can be accessed by clicking on Archive.