GSOC Statement of Strategy 2020 - 2023

This Strategy document sets out the Vision, Mission and Strategic Objectives of the Garda Síochána Ombudsman Commission (GSOC), in accordance with the provisions of the Garda Síochána Act 2005, for the period up to and including 2023.


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GSOC Statement of Strategy 2021 2023

GSOC's Vision and Mission towards 2023
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GSOC Statement of Strategy 2017 2020

GSOC's Vision and Mission towards 2020
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Corporate Services

GSOC is an independent agency of the Department of Justice and Equality. Much of our administration is done through the Department. For example purchase orders, invoice processing and other financial services are processed by the Department of Justice Financial Shared Services Centre.

Payroll and expenses are processed by the central government Payroll Shared Service Centre. Human resources services are provided by Peoplepoint, the Government HR & Pensions Shared Service.

GSOC leases an office building on Abbey Street Dublin for its corporate headquarters. The majority of its staff are based here, with 10-15 staff in two small regional Investigations team offices in Longford and Cork. We have 15 GSOC vehicles, which are fully owned.

GSOC adheres to public service procurement guidelines and is serviced by the Office of Government Procurement. GSOC currently have three significant tenders in progress at the moment for Security Services , Cleaning Services and Legal Services.

A list of contracts (of over €10k for ICT and over €35k for other contracts) is shown here:

Contract Current Supplier Award Date Contract Duration Annual Value in 2020 Extension availed of
Rent – Dublin Ulysses Prpoerties 01/09/2008 25 Years 1,019,147.00 N/A
Rent – Cork Mark Nathan 24/10/2018 10 Years €91,049.56 N/A
Accounting Crowleys DFK 08/02/2020 1 Year €24,500.00 Yes
Air Conditioning Civic Integrated Solutions 18/04/2019 1 Year €9,200.00 Yes
Alarm/Access/CCTV Coleman Electronics Limited 20/09/2018 1 Year €5,600.00 Yes
Car Hire Holden Plant Rentals Ltd 16/10/2018 1 Year €24,880.00 Yes
Electrical Business Repair Civic Integrated Solutions 28/01/2019 1 Year €12,760.00 Yes
Electricity Supply Electric Ireland OGP Supply Agreement drawdown €69,400.00 N/A
Fuel Cards Topaz Energy Ltd OGP Supply Agreement drawdown €28,900.00 N/A
Facilities Maintenance
Civic Integrated Solutions 24/03/2019 2 Years €18,950.00 Yes
Legal Services McDowell Purcell 01/07/2017 1 Year €79,150.00
Mailroom Services Quadient 25/01/2019 2 Years €15,600.00 N/A
Mobile Phone Services Vodafone 01/02/2016 4 Years €18,600.00 Yes
Natural Gas Flogas OGP Supply Agreement drawdown €9,500.00 N/A
Office Cleaning- General Accent Facilities Solutions 01/07/2017 2 Years €23,900.00 Yes
Office Security- Monitoring Synergy Security Solutions 01/08/2017 2 Years €282,990.00 Yes
Plumbing –
Water Treatment and Hygiene
Clearwater Technology Ltd 15/02/2019 1 Year €5,600.00 Yes
Record Management Kefron Filestores 06/11/2018 2 Years €11,100.00 Yes
Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Holden Plant Rentals Ltd 01/09/2018 1 Year €20,290.00 Yes
Vehicle Recovery Maintenance and storage Corcoran Auto Body Works 08/08/2017 1 Year €16,590.00 Yes
ICT Infrasturcture and Network Administrators Ingenuity IT Solutions Limited 01/03/2018 1 Year €255,000.00 Yes
Managed Print Service Bryan S Ryan 01/05/2018 1 Year €8,950.00 Yes
Clearswift Secure Email Gateway Chess Cyber Security (Foursys) 28/03/2020 1 Year €9,100.00 Yes
Video hosting software Ensemble – Symphony Video 20/10/2021 1 Year €16,800.00 N/A
CMS Application Software Maintenance Equiniti ICS 25/05/2020 €482,442.00 N/A
SAN support & maintenance EvrosComsys 15/06/2017 1 Year €33,505.00 Yes
Legato Networker 9.2 support & maintenance EvrosComsys 15/12/2020 1 Year Yes
Production Support Coverage  VMware vCenter Server 6 Standard for vSphere 6 EvrosComsys 08/01/2020 1 Year Yes One License (per user; inclusive of maintenance & support) Harmon 12/06/2020 1 Year €8,970.00 N/A
i2 (GSOC & Eolas networks) IBM 01/02/2021 1 Year €15,390.00 N/A
PDF-Xchange Pro v8.0 250 users + 3 years maintenance PC Systems 23/12/2019 1 Year €16,600.00 Yes
SQL Server 2019 Standard Software One 01/12/2019 1 Year €95,800.00 Yes
SCCM Manager with 31 months’ SA Software One 01/10/2019 1 Year Yes
Data –  connection to Government network & VM WAN Virgin Media 05/08/2020 1 Year €26,100.00 Yes
Support and Maintenance for FortiGate Firewalls FG400E –
FortiCare and FortiGuard Unified (UTM) Protection
Ward Solutions Ltd 02/07/2020 1 Year €7,800.00 N/A
Mailmeter email archiving SAM Waterford Technologies 01/12/2020 1 Year €13,850.00 N/A
Avaya software upgrade
Recurring Support & Maintenance
Welltell 01/01/2020 1 Year €21,470.00 N/A

GSOC Financial Statements 2011-Present

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2020 signed Financial Statement

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2019 Signed Financial Statements

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2018 Signed Financial Statements

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2017 Signed Financial Statements Part 1

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2017 Signed Financial Statements Part 2

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2016 Signed Financial Statements Part 1

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2016 Signed Financial Statements Part 2

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2015 Signed Financial Statements Part 1

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2015 Signed Financial Statements Part 2

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2014 Signed Financial Statements

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2013 Signed Financial Statements

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2012 Signed Financial Statements

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2011 Signed Financial Statements

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Raitis Airgeadais GSOC

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Raitis Airgeadais GSOC 2020 - 19.10.2021

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Quarterly Prompt Payment Report

Regulation of Lobbying

The Regulation of Lobbying Act 2015 is designed to provide information to the public about who is lobbying whom, about what. The Standards in Public Office Commission has established an online Register at

Section 6(4) of that Act requires each public body to publish a list of Designated Public Officials of the body. The purpose of that list is:

  • to enable members of the public to identify those persons who are Designated Public Officials;
  • as a resource for lobbyists filing a return to the Register who may need to source a designated public official’s details.

The following post-holder is a Designated Public Official of the Garda Síochána Ombudsman Commission, for the purposes specified by the Regulation of Lobbying Act 2015:

 Director of Administration Aileen Healy, Garda Síochána Ombudsman Commission. 

The Director of Administration (DA) is a senior management position in GSOC, reporting to the Commissioners on the full range of the Commissioners’ responsibilities. The Director assists the Commissioners to carry on, manage and control generally the administration and business of the Ombudsman Commission, providing advice, guidance and support to the Commissioners on administration matters including structures, resources and the management and leadership of the organisation. The Director oversees the administrative management functions including Corporate Services, HR/Training, IT, Finance, Communications, Policy and Secretariat.

For further information in relation to the Regulation of Lobbying Act 2015, please contact the Standards in Public Office Commission or look at

Corporate Governance Agreements

In line with the Code of Practice for the Governance of State Bodies, the Department of Justice has drawn up an Oversight Agreement with GSOC which sets out the broad governance and administrative accountability framework within which GSOC operates. It defines the key statutory and administrative roles, responsibilities and commitments that underpin GSOC’s relationship with the Department.  Separate to that Agreement but complementary to it, a Performance Delivery Agreement is agreed every year with the Department.  The purpose of the Performance Delivery Agreement is to set out, in the context of the resource inputs provided, the metrics and associated targets by which the performance of GSOC will be measured.

It is important to note that under the Garda Síochána Act, 2005 as amended (“the 2005 Act”), GSOC is independent in the performance of its functions and these Agreements do not affect same. Both current Agreements can be found below.


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GSOC Performance Delivery Agreement 2021

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GSOC Oversight Agreement 2021-2022

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Protected Disclosures

Annual Report of the Garda Síochána Ombudsman Commission (GSOC) for 2021 in accordance with section 22 of the Protected Disclosures Act 2014

Under section 22 of the Protected Disclosures Act 2014 each public body is required to publish an annual report outlining the number of protected disclosures received in the preceding year and the action taken (if any). This report must not result in the identification of persons making disclosures.



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Annual Report Internal Disclosures 2021

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Annual Report Internal Disclosures 2020

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Annual Report Internal Disclosures 2019

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Annual Report Internal Disclosures 2018

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Annual Report Internal Disclosures 2017

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Annual Report Internal Disclosures 2014 to 2016

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