Allegation types

The most common categories of allegations within complaints that we receive are:

Abuse of Authority

Excessive use of force, or an instruction to do something which the person making the complaint believes was beyond the garda’s authority to instruct, are the main types of allegation categorised as ‘abuse of authority’.

Neglect of Duty

Allegations that a garda failed to take an action that could have been reasonably expected — such as returning a phone call at one end of the scale, or properly investigating an alleged serious crime at the other end of the scale — would be typical examples of ‘neglect of duty’.

Criminal Offences

A typical example is an allegation of assault.


Complaints around how a garda spoke to or behaved towards a person.

Allegation types in complaints received January - June 2023

The chart below shows data for the most recent time period available. Data for previous time periods is available under Archive.