2: Referral following death of a woman shortly after contact with gardaí

9 Jan 2017


A referral under section 102 (1)* of the Garda Síochána Act, 2005 was made to GSOC by the Garda Síochána following the death of a woman who, immediately prior to her death, was in contact with gardaí. An independent investigation was conducted to establish the circumstances of the woman’s death.


The investigation established that gardaí were called after a woman was observed by a member of the public walking along the roadside in the evening while intoxicated. Gardaí located the woman and drove her to the house she identified as her address, left her there and continued their duties. Sometime later the woman walked from this location and was hit by a vehicle and killed. The matter was referred to GSOC. The GSOC investigation established that gardaí responded to calls of concerns regarding a woman walking on an unlit roadway at night. To ensure the safety of the woman they offered to drive her home. The gardaí had no reason to suspect the address given by the female was incorrect and her level of sobriety did not require garda intervention.


The investigation did not disclose any breaches of discipline by gardaí and no further action was taken by GSOC.

*S.102 of the Garda Síochána Act 2005 provides for referral to GSOC of incidents where death or serious harm may have occurred and may have been as a result of garda conduct.