1: A complaint of neglect of duty, resolved by informal resolution

9 Jan 2017


A complaint arose from a report to Gardaí, by a taxi driver, of an unpaid soiling charge. The complainant alleged that the level of contact from the garda concerned was insufficient, insofar as he was unaware of the current status of the investigation.

Action taken:

The complaint was determined to be admissible and suitable to be dealt with in accordance with the Informal Resolution process. Both parties consented to this.

Each party was then contacted by telephone. Clarity was received on the status of the investigation, including the role of the Courts in the issuing of summonses and the level of contact a member of the public could expect, over the course of such an investigation.


The outcome was that it was established, to the satisfaction of all involved, that the matter was ongoing and that there had been no significant developments in the investigation since the parties last spoke. Both parties subsequently agreed that the complaint had been successfully resolved and the matter was closed.

* This type of investigation is provided for by section 90 of the Garda Síochána Act, 2005.