January to March 2022

27 Jan 2022

GSOC Operations

  • 677 calls were received to 1890 600 800.
  • 463 complaints were received.
  • 572 complaints were closed.
  • 11 referrals from the Garda Síochána for independent investigation
    under S102(1) of the Garda Síochána Act (2005).
  • 84% compliance rate in requests for documentation from the Garda Síochána.
  • Average of 18 days for requests for information/documentation from the Garda Síochana to be fulfilled.
  • 1 S102(4) investigations opened in the public interest.


Most common circumstances in complaints

Most common allegation types

Main reasons for inadmissibility

Of allegations in complaints

Reasons for Inadmissibility of allegations as a percentage of Fully Inadmissible Complaints

Main outcomes of allegations

Included in complaints closed

The total number of allegations investigated is higher than the total number of complaints closed because there may be several allegations in a single complaint. *Decisions on breaches of Discipline Regulations are made by the Garda Commissioner following GSOC investigations.

Duration of cases